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Planning your Video


What do you want to say with your video? What are your goals? Advertising an essential service? Are you trying to make people laugh? Brand Recognition? Fostering Brand Loyalty?

It is important to know what you are trying to achieve.


Write a Script. Know what you are going to say.


Expressing yourself visually? Design a storyboard - The videographer can set up lighting and has an understanding of composition, but may lack telepathy. If you have an idea of something visual that you are finding hard to describe, a storyboard can do wonders.


Choose your locations ahead of time. If you are paying a videographer by the hour, minimize those hours by planning your locations in advance. Is the location noisy? An air conditioner will be audible on the recording. Does the fluorescent lighting buzz? Avoid all problematic sounds. Is the ambient lighting overpowering or underwhelming? Are there power sockets available or will the videographer need to bring a portable power supply?


The videographer needs to set up his equipment. Do you want stage lighting? Is ambient light enough? Do you require specialized indoor or outdoor sound recording? Will the Videographer follow the subject with a "shoulder rig" or use tripods?


Talent. Make sure your talent appears on time and can stay for the duration. Anyone who appears in the video should fill out a talent release form. Bob, from accounting, walks by in the background of your video. Get his consent to appear in the video.


When the recording is over the job is only half done. The video must be cataloged. Scenes have to be selected. The final product has to be edited together, the sound balanced, transition filter applied, etc. The editing process is interactive between you and the editor. Communication is essential.


Everyone wants their videos to look great on the internet. The best looking files are High Definition (HD). They will look great on any monitor or TV, but they do require a longer time to process and upload to the internet than Standard Definition video, because of their size.


When you approve your final edit, it can be uploaded to the Internet, transferred to portable media, or burned to DVD.


If everything goes according to plan, you will save money.


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